To commemorate our 40th year at the Farm Show, we will have two special door prizes. One Grand Prize for adults and another prize for the kids.

Ruby is the designation for a 40th anniversary and our prizes will be red!
Our adult prize will be a collapsible red wagon filled with red items and the kid’s prize, a little, red wagon also filled with red items!

We’d like YOUR help with this… Would you, or your business (and/or other local businesses) want to donate something red to include in the cooler or wagon? It could be anything red…homemade or purchased, packaged food, gift card or ????? The sky’s the limit!

If you have something to donate, please let me or Michele Schroeder know as soon as possible. Items can be brought to Farm Show set-up on Thursday, March 10 or given to one of us ahead of time. Let’s make our 40th Farm Show extra special with a drawing for something people will be really excited to register for! (And we will also have our regular door prizes…carbon monoxide detectors and fire extinguishers, too)

Michele’s contact info: or 507-276-4810
Ruth’s contact info: or 507-2740-0048