Kelsey Brandt will handle all sign-ups. She has set up a Google live document so you can see which shifts are open and which are filled, before you contact her.


To see the document, just click here:


To volunteer for any open shift(s), call Kelsey at 507-995-7084.


IF YOU HAVE ALREADY SIGNED UP ONLINE, WE WILL CALL YOU TO SEE WHICH SHIFT(S) YOU WANT TO WORK, as most have changed. (Or, if you want to, you can call Kelsey).


A few other notes/reminders—

  • All prep work will be done at the St. George Parish Hall.
  • The food stand will be on Brown County Fairgrounds as usual.
  • Volunteers during the Blast will need to check in at the table at the North Gate.
  • First shift workers each day will open the food stand, cook, serve & sell food.
  • Last shift workers Thursday through Saturday will close down and inventoryfood.
  • Last shift Sunday will close down and clean up
  • Monday’s tear down workers will take down, put away, and store kitchen items.


Thank you for your help!!! See you at Bavarian Blast!!